Company profile

In 1989, the former plain bearing activities of “Dr.-Ing. Folz Tribologie” developed into „Dr.-Ing. Folz Gleitlagertechnik GmbH“ in the Centre of Entrepreneurs in Püttlingen (UZP) “Alte Waschkaue”.

The core and origin of the company was the idea to develop innovative plain bearings whose sliding materials are primarily based on Fe-C alloys and, due to the specific design of the tribologically relevant layers, are superior to standard bearings in terms of their technological performance.

The idea of “green technologies” with high sustainability standards played a vital role right from the beginning.

Current studies show, that the raw material copper, which is still used in many plain bearing applications as a non-recyclable wear material destroying the biocenosis, will become ineffective in a few years from an economic point of view. At the same time, the Cu demand from the electromobility and energy transition area is rapidly increasing; a jump in prices for copper and/or Cu alloys is to be expected in the short and medium term.

The unique physical properties of copper demand the use as a conductor material and forbid the use as a wear material.

Based on the sustainability slogan

“Using, not consuming sliding materials”

the Dr.-Ing. Folz Gleitlagertechnik GmbH has been producing innovative plain bearings with state-of-the art methods of manufacturing and selling them to customers throughout the world. The tribological advantages combined with highest quality and customer satisfaction offer our partners sustainable, future-oriented products “made in Germany”.

The Dr.-Ing. Folz Gleitlagertechnik GmbH could build on the historically developed plain bearing expertise and skilled employees. Since the war, a manufacturing industry for bearings of the heavy machinery and plant construction has been developing based on the needs of Saarland’s mining and iron & steel industry.

At first, the family company Hans Baumgarten settled in the industrial area Püttlingen-Etzenhofen; the production was focused on roller bearings for the domestic market. From about 1965, the Schweinfurt SKF Group took over and established a plain bearing plant with up to 800 employees. As the hub of the global corporation SKF, plain and joint bearings were supplied all over the world from the industrial area Püttlingen-Etzenhofen. The factory was closed in 2005, we took on some SKF employees.